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Here you will find information and links to various softball NGB home and abroad.


Home team – collects / returns kit – IF you cant remember who is home it can be found on your fixtures pdf that was sent to you, your team pages, the fixtures pages or if you check the game list at the top of the page its the bottom team !!!!


w/b   25/7/16 Game Umpire Game Umpire
Monday PD Rupert D1 Gilberto
Tuesday PD Mark D1 Thomas
Wednesday PD Iain D1 Euan
Thursday PD Neil D1 Joe


w/b   1/8/16 Game Umpire Game Umpire
Monday PD D1
Tuesday PD D1
Wednesday PD D1
Thursday PD D1


Cup/PP Matches Game Game
Monday 15/8 PD Cup RCaps v Storks PP Game DNuts v Souls
Tuesday 16/8 D1 Cup  Forgers v Vultures PP Game Batz v Demons
Wednesday 17/8 PD Cup  Souls v Dodgers PP Game Bolts v LaxD
Thursday 18/8 D1 Cup Ibatters v Vandals PP Game MoreNuts v Vultures


Cup/PP Matches Game Game
Monday 22/8 PP Game Souls v Dodgers PP Game IBatters v Vandals
Tuesday 23/8 PP Game Demons v Storks PP Game HHitters v Bolts
Wednesday 24/8 PP Game Vultures v LaxD PP Game
Thursday 25/8 PD Cup D1 Cup